26 Jun

Ingenium: Sustainable Hazardous Waste Management

Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 12.29.18 PMIngenium is a hazardous waste transportation and disposal company that aims to increase sustainability and prevent environmental damage from hazardous substances. Ingenium goes beyond traditional transportation and disposal with a commitment to being a responsive and accountable partner to its clients by working together to reduce cost and liability in every possible area by increasing sustainability. Since starting in 2006 their vision has expanded to encompass a broad approach to waste management along with a redoubled focus on supporting a zero landfill philosophy. Ingenium works on recommendations for clients regarding where less hazardous waste can be produced or it can stop being produced all together.

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Ingenium project can result in over $300,000 annual savings for their customers, through the recapture of significant revenues by identifying recoverable value in what was once managed as hazardous waste. Ingenium personnel are experts in all the issues surrounding the management, packaging, shipment, disposal and recycling of hazardous, non-hazardous, biological, universal and radioactive waste. Ingenium also provides a variety of recycling services including cardboard, plastics, packaging, and Styrofoam. the experts at Ingenium work with clients at all times to make sure they are maximizing recycling opportunities for waste.

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Written by: Christopher Ewell, AGS Intern on June 26, 2015

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