9 Jul

Local Food Lab: Empowering food startups

Local Food Lab

Local Food Lab is a platform for food startups to become successful. They foster financially and environmentally sustainable startups because the startups are a crucial first step in resilient local food economies. Their website features lots of videos of all different types. They have Sections which have videos about business, environment, health, opinion & analysis, politics, startups, and technology. They have a featured topics tab which contains videos about food issues with droughts, “big food,” farm labor, and dietary guidelines.

Local Food Lab workshop

They currently have two upcoming food startup boot camps. One is in Palo Alto and the other is in Los Angeles. These boot camps are one-day intensive sustainable food business workshops that are led by top startup instructors. They also have a panel of experienced food entrepreneurs from each city.

Local Food Lab is encouraging the growth of environmentally sustainable food economies. This industry is crucial because we are facing many environmental concerns that affect agriculture, and that are affected by agriculture.

Written by Elise Mazur, 7/9/2015

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