13 Jul

LocalFlow: Discover your neighborhoods


LocalFlow is a mobile application to keep neighborhoods in communication. On the application, users write posts for others in their area to see. Posts can range from news, pictures, requests for help on a project, or help finding a lost dog.

Angelo Capilleri,¬†founder of LocalFlow, began with an application to help communicate to neighbors about helping find missing pets. The contacts enjoyed the concept so he decided to create LocalFlow “to extend the concept of simple local communication.” Capilleri says that “local community is the first social network, but there is not a simple and effective way to keep in touch with your neighbors.” Now with LocalFlow anyone can communicate anonymously or with personal information.

On the application users can follow multiple locations to stay up-to-date with people in places where the live, work, or are visiting. The goal of LocalFlow is to keep in touch people that lived or have been in the same place. Users can be anonymous or reveal their identity.

This mobile app can help kindle relationships with neighbors and have access to help in ways that people may not have done in the past. LocalFlow takes geography into account and applies it to social settings.

Written by Elise Mazur, 7/13/2015

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