21 Aug

Love On: Love in action

Love on Revolution

Love On is mission to improve the world on radically selfless good deed at a time. The Love On Revolution is a global social experiment that tracks the ripple effect that you create when you pay it forward. Doing good for others often inspires them to do good as well. The revolution aims to prove that your actions make a lasting difference in this world.

The Love On Revolution works through wristbands. First you buy your wrist band and log it on the computer, then when you do a selfless good deed you give your wrist band to the person that you helped. That person then logs the wrist band on the computer. The cycle continues. The Love On team believes that “if we all try a little harder to be a little kinder and live a little more bravely, there will be a much brighter future for us all.”Love who we are

“By joining together, we can affect global change, solve the problems at the root of war, greed, crime & poverty, environmental issues at a rapid pace. Through seemingly minor adjustments, we can radically reshape the foundation of our societies, and eradicate so much unnecessary suffering.”

When a Love On wrist band is purchased, a tree is planted. When the band is logged, a map is created. This system helps everyone see the ripple effect in doing good.


Written by Elise Mazur, 8/21/2015

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