1 Feb

Luxe: Using Geo-location for Parking Service

Having a car in the city can be great, but parking is almost always a hassle – that’s were Luxe comes in.

Luxe is a new mobile application that takes the pain out of parking. Using geo-locating tools, users can type their destination into the app before leaving their home. GIS tools enable Luxe valet to meeting you at your destination right when you arrive. With this exchange of geographic information, users can gain a valuable service in places where parking is hard to come by. Valets will then take your car to a near-by parking lot, and then return it to you whenever you’re ready to leave.

Originally founded in San Francisco, Luxe caught on fast and now offers services in cities throughout the country.

Find out more on their website: http://www.luxe.com/home

Written by: Emma Hayward (02/01/2016)

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