22 Jul

Map It Out: Digital Environmental Mapping

Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 10.50.43 AMMap It Out is a geospatial and GIS company that assists governments, utility businesses, and natural resource organizations in tracking and managing their public assets. They create GIS strategies for data and software access across departments for more timely, integrated and accurate decisions ensuring that technologies are aligned with and supporting unique business requirements. They develop customized mobile and web mapping applications that automate the processing of GIS information to improve workflow while providing accessibility to end users not as familiar with GIS technology.
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Some examples of their recent work include establishing a strategic business plan for an enterprise geographic information system in the Province of Manitoba, Canada. The purpose of the project was to prepare a five-year multi-million strategic plan to advance Manitoba’s GIS capability across government. This included the analysis of their staff, data, software, and hardware, and Map It Out made specific recommendations to guide policy and implementation actions. They also identified financial requirements and an investment approach.

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They also helped the company MB Hydro with a future power generation impact study. Map It Out developed an ESRI ArcEngine Rapid Capture Application to support the collection of samples and the monitoring of erosion and sediment transport in the future power generation project areas of Wuskwatim, Keeyask, and Conawapa. Benefits of this award-winning project included accuracy from automation and on-the-fly quality control, and an increase in the amount of data collected per day. They were also able to reduce the time required for post-processing, centralize data to one source, and complete an audit trail.

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Map it Out also helped created a Canadian Wetland Inventory (CWI) for the Natural Resource organization Ducks Unlimited. The objectives of the CWI are to provide a national wetland map that can be used for the conservation and sustainable management of wetlands for environmental and societal benefits and to provide easy access through their ESRI Flex based wetland mapping product.

Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 10.49.51 AMBy: Christopher Ewell, AGS on July 22, 2015


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