21 Aug

MapD: Massively Parallel Database


MapD is a company that visualizes big data. They are a Massively Parallel Database. MapD is the fastest big data exploration platform. The company provides breathtaking visuals and ‘lightspeed’ analytics. The mission of MapD is to make big data exploration interactive and insightful. They are a diverse team of big data fanatics with data science, DBMS and GPGPU expertise, backed by Google Ventures and Nvidia. MapD was started in 2013 with the goal of utilizing GPUs to revolutionize big data analytics.

They leverage the massive bandwith and parallelism of GPUs to provide insight in milliseconds. MapD supports lightning-fast SQL and GPU-rendering of result sets. When combined with our web frontend, users can visually filter and correlate multiple dimensions of multi-billion row datasets without lag. They are creating a platform to make big data exploration immersive and intuitive.  Their Demo visualizes a billion tweets in real time. They display tweets over a few years on a world map. The viewer can choose a common word, user, language, OS-App, country, state, or county.MapD twitter dem

With our advancing field of geography, and advancing technology, big data is becoming a common tool and task for companies. Many people have a hard time visualizing big data, and cartography can be a great way to simplify it. Companies like MapD are helping the world access big data through maps.

Written by Elise Mazur, 8/21/2015

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