21 Jul

Mapkin: Real directions from real people


Mapkin is a company that is creating an GPS application that sounds like a local. They believe that driving should be enjoyable for everyone.  The Mapkin team is small but a group that engrosses themselves in solving hard problems. Based in downtown Boston, they share a passion for what they do.

The application is a GPS that is narrated by locals with important data about the road. The application will tell you when to look out for construction, or which coffee shop to make your right hand turn after. Having this type of data is crucial to getting directions because it can warn drivers about a roadblock when an outside algorithm may not know about it.

Mapkin is still in the works. On their website there is a Get Early Access button to sign up for a Beta Trial. Mapkin cares about people, and creating the mobile application is helping minimize accidents, cut out re-routes, and calm stressed drivers.

Written by Elise Mazur, 7/21/2015

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