21 Aug

Maps.Me: Offline maps


Maps.Me is a mobile application that has offline maps. No internet connection is required. Maps.Me is meant for travelers. This is a map that can be used even when you are in another country and your phone is not connected to the cellular service. This app has maps of all countries and cities, even small islands. Since there is no loading time, the map quickly zooms in and out to where you want and has high levels of detail with thousands of points of interest.

Maps.Me has many features such as offline searches, bookmarks, map rotation, GPS positioning, and Auto-follow mode. Auto-follow mode orients the map in the direction which you are moving so the user can read the map with more ease.

Offline maps are great alternatives to carrying around full sized maps. They provide detail at a convenience, while still allowing you to read the map.  By reading maps, travelers learn the cities they are in much better than just being directed by a voice. Reading maps is a crucial skill that everyone should know.

Written by Elise Mazur, 8/21/2015

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