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Montessorium: Learning Geography Through Educational Apps

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Montessorium is a company that creates educational apps based on the principles of Montessori learning. The company’s mission statement is as follows:

“It’s pretty straightforward. We aim to create well-crafted, personalized, self-guided learning experiences for children. Our wager: that children are born with a natural sense of curiosity and that you don’t have to force them to want to learn.”

The apps that Montessorium creates teach everything from math to colors, but there is a big focus on geography and spatial learning. There newest product is “Intro to Geography: World Edition” for which the tech startup has partnered with Rand McNally.

Montessorium, World Geography app

As Bobby George, one of the co-founders of Montessorium, wrote in Quartz Magazine, “Cultivating a better geographical and cultural appreciation for the world, in the next generation as well as in our own, is a pretty good place to start discovering our independence.”

Here is what Mr. George told the American Geographical Society: “With our newest app, Intro to Geography – World Edition now available on iTunes, we’re focusing on the next steps for Montessorium. We’re passionate about geography and about what it means to help children understand the vastness of the planet, but at the same time the closeness of people. Global citizenship is a big theme in the Montessori classroom, and we’re hoping to convey those lessons in our apps.”

Written by Jesse Miller, 9/10/2015

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