1 Feb

Nelson/Nygaard: A firm revamping our transportation plans


Nelson/Nygaard is a transportation planning firm that works on a variety of projects which include modifying transit systems, conducting traffic analysis and even designing safe routes for walking and bicycling. Specifically dealing with walking and bicycling, the firm has measured pedestrian and bicycle levels of service, and in response they have developed policy, planning and create designs to help communities accommodate all users. Their creative and experimental approach is unique as they clarify the complex matrix of changes to existing infrastructure, policies and design guidelines needed for smooth activity for pedestrian, bicyclist or multimodal systems. They identify walking and biking investments, to improve public safety to serve larger goals of economic development, social equity and public health.

One project in particular included involvement with moveDC which is Washington DC’s long range transportation plan. Nelson\Nygaard led the pedestrian, bicycle, transit, parking, and transportation demand management elements of moveDC. After extensive community outreach, the plan outlines a commitment to achieving Washington DC’s goals of livability, environmental sustainability, and economic competitiveness. Some of the plan’s key targets include adding sidewalks on at least 25 blocks where they are missing today; improve pedestrian safety at 20 or more intersections; and build 15 miles of bicycle lanes or cycletracks. MoveDC was released in October 2014 and shortly following the mayor has released an action plan for immediate implementation.

Links to more of their projects can be found here

Nelson\Nygaard attributes their success to adhering to their mission and core values. They remain deeply committed to mobility, accessibility, and sustainability for all. Helping communities achieve larger goals defines their approach to transportation planning.

Written by: Josue Paul (02/01/2016)

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