2 Feb

NextPotential: Specializing in Waste-to-Fuel Clean Energy


NextPotential specializes in carbon dioxide elimination and fuel generation: a waste-to-fuel clean energy company that develops and licenses process technology to convert carbon dioxide emissions into natural gas at a competitive price. The company was formed in January 2014 and is headquartered in Arizona. Next Potential’s patented photocatalytic technology can be retrofitted to existing infrastructure in a wide range of industries including cement processes, ethanol fermentation, wastewater treatment, industrial processes, natural gas treatment, and landfill gas recovery.

Next Potential’s photocatalytic technology consists of a photocatalytic packed bed reactor containing a titanium dioxide-based catalyst that reduces carbon dioxide in the presence of water vapor to pure methane and oxygen gas, with no carbon oxide byproduct. It proceeds at ambient air temperatures and pressures and thus, has minimal dependent energy costs.


How does it work? For example, with cement processes, energy-intensive oven units are utilized to produce clinker and limestone yield (parts of the cement binder after grinding), and are combined with other ingredients such as shells, chalk and iron, before being subjected to high temperatures and then reduced to powder form. Ovens such as cement kilns or furnaces are utilized and reach temperature as high as 2,700 degrees Fahrenheit! These units are sources of air emission, where carbon dioxide is typically driven off into the atmosphere.

But with NextPotential’s catalytic system, the carbon dioxide greenhouse gas can serve as a feedstock to generate energy-rich methane, which decreases the fuel costs of operation for the process plant and reduces carbon dioxide emissions into our atmosphere. Natural gas is most commonly used to heat most oven-furnaces, therefore, emissions reprocessing with NextPotential’s system for methane regeneration provides a solution for reducing warming greenhouse gas emissions and provides a renewable methane source as fuel!

More information can be found at their website: http://nextpotential.co/

Written by: Kathleen Emerson (2/2/16)

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