22 Feb

Empire Clean Cities

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Empire Clean Cities’ mission is to ensure clean air for future generations. It is a stakeholder organization that established its roots in a NYC DOT program in 2003 and evolved into a non-for-profit organization that included the Lower Hudson Valley into it regional focus in 2007. Empire Clean Cities is committed to providing citizens and stakeholders access to reliable information about alternative fuels and advanced vehicle technologies in a timely and efficient manner. Some of their methods to reduce GHG emissions consist of:

  • Outreach and education to stakeholders and the public
  • Building public/private partnerships
  • Technical assistance on technologies and assistance with the economics of deploying AFV technologies

Annually on average, Empire Clean Cities has been able to displace 28,127,970 gallons of petroleum and reduce 169,225 tons of greenhouse gas emissions in the region; which is equivalent to planting over 4 million trees a year or removing over 37,000 vehicles off the road. The strategy in which led their efforts to display such high success is through their Empire Green Fleet program (EGF).  EGF is a program that works in coordination with fleet managers to track vehicle use information and develop strategies that reduce fuel costs, improve fleet efficiency, and decrease the fleet’s environmental impact.

Empire Clean Cities has been able to certify over 5439 vehicles and provide such fleets with increased operational efficiency, monetary savings, and recognition across their respective industry markets. Public, private and, most recently, farming fleets are all eligible for certification.

Contact info@empirecleancities.org or visit us at empirecleancities.org to get involved!

Written (02/29/2016)

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