15 Oct

One Concern: The Science and Technology of Natural Disasters


One Concern is a disaster-solutions company that provides rapid damage estimates across all natural disasters using artificial intelligence on natural phenomena sciences. The proper emergency management saves lives, money and time. One Concern provides for resource allocation and response recommendation.

 The software is claimed to be fast and accurate; it operates with unfathomable initial structural damage estimate resolution, which can be enriched with live field reports.  The implementations are grounded on instant situational awareness of scale and scope of your real estate portfolio after a natural disaster and focuses on response and recovery instead of reconnaissance.

Damage after a disaster is astonishingly hard to assess and it can be time consuming. One Concern’s predictive analytics engine creates post disaster damage maps which appear within minutes on their secure web application. These are critical in coordinating local emergency response efforts, implementing shelter, food, and medical plans, and requesting assistance from the state and federal levels. The platform provides daily situational reports during response actions, preliminary financial loss estimates and final post-disaster reports for further analysis.

One Concern’s platform allows one to predict future accidents based on multiple statistical approaches. It also allows to simulate multiple disasters that helps to plan emergency management for cities. The software intelligence might be useful for governmental, and private planning. One Concern is a new predictive analytics engine, with various functions that allows quick and intelligent reporting, informative planning and using of training modules.

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Written by Timur Pozhidaev, 10/15/2015.


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