6 Jul

Peerby: Borrow the things you need from your neighbors


If you are doing home construction, starting a garden, or having a party, look on Peerby before you go out to the store to buy the supplies you need. Peerby is a mobile application where you can search for things that you may need nearby. It is understood that the sharing is free, and the app is free as well.


Peerby helps reuse products and not waste new materials to buy something new. It saves everyone money, and connect to their neighbors. Peerby is also more convenient than going out to a store because the product may be closer to you, for free. This application can help lower amounts of trash in communities because people can borrow rather than buy something for a one-time event and then discard it after. Keeping things in close geographies is often the clue to being environmentally conscious.

Before you go out to the store next, check Peerby.

Written by Elise Mazur, 7/6/2015

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