6 Apr

Plastic Tides – SUPing to Find Solutions to Ocean Plastic Pollution



Launched in March 2014, Plastic Tides is a not-for-profit organization determined to bring global awareness to the issue of ocean plastics.  To do so, the adventurous team of young change-makers embarks on stand-up paddle board expeditions.  On each expedition plastics are collected and studied while the public are engaged and informed.



In their latest mission, the Plastic Tides Team will circumnavigate the island of Bermuda.

“We are a team of four dedicated explorers preparing to put our bodies and minds on the line to confront the plastic problem. Living solely on stand-up paddleboards, we will paddle around the island of Bermuda for ten days exposing the rampant plastic pollution that threatens the island and the unique and fragile ecosystem in the Sargasso Sea. Combining adventure and hard science, the expedition brings fresh awareness to this serious problem.
We have two main objectives:
1.) Generate a media presence to raise global awareness of the ever-growing prevalence of plastic pollution in the marine environment.
2.) Utilize the maneuverability, finesse, and unique simplicity of stand-up paddleboards to make a valuable contribution to the growing body of research surrounding marine debris.  It is imperative that we continue to collect the evidence necessary to influence public opinion, and direct policy towards progressive legislation,” explains the team on their facebook page.

Paddling boarding provides an exciting and eco-friendly means of transport, and by studying the ocean waters through this form of exploration the team will gain a more valuable understanding of the ocean plastics problem.

Check out their website here: http://plastictides.org/

– Emma Hayward, 04.06.2016

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