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Pod Trackers: Never Lose Your Pet Again!

podDid you know that 1 in 3 pets go missing in their lifetime? Make sure your pet isn’t one of them with Pod Trackers!

Pod is the world’s smallest & lightest real-time GPS + WiFi pet tracker. The headquarters are located in Milsons Point in the state of New South Wales, Australia. Its unique barrel design has been created to be as comfortable as possible for your pet and the adjustable strap allows it to fit collars of all shapes and sizes. Pod comes with two interchangeable batteries so you don’t have to remove the unit from your pet’s collar or worry about down-time while the unit is charging.

Pod Tracker is a unique GPS pet tracking device. It’s loaded with lots of innovative technology and connects with the Pod mobile app and website which enables a pet owner to locate one’s pet, set safe zones, and monitor their activity and various adventures. This product is unlike many of its competitors because of its array of

A cat comfortably wearing the Pod attached to its collar.

A cat comfortably wearing the Pod attached to its collar.

special features. Some of these key features are: interchangeable batteries, fits both dogs and cats, fits all collars because of its unique strapping mechanism, wine cork size/shape makes it more comfortable for an animal to wear, enables WiFi tracking indoors, waterproof and much more. 

Sebastian Langton, Founder of Pod Trackers, has his private pilot’s license and is very keen on aviation. With this in mind, he’s always been interested in sailing navigation and maps since he was younger. He never envisioned creating a pet tracking device until an unfortunate event in his personal life.

Found of Pod Trackers, Sebastian Langton.

Founder of Pod Trackers, Sebastian Langton.

Sebastian’s inspiration for the creation of this unique product was from losing his pet cat, Rango and was devastated because of it. The result was the creation of Pod. Langton is an avid pet lover and created Pod so that people don’t have to suffer the pain of losing their pet like he did. He wanted to prevent this from happening to other pet owners. Langton believes that, “By getting people involved in our mission, people are going to be taking a stand and raising awareness that losing pets is now avoidable with the right technology.”

Langton says that, “Through GPS and satellite technology, we can find an incredible degree of accuracy and are able to locate practically anything within a certain degree. This technology has been in existence for about 30 years and it’s incredible that technology has expanded at such a rapid rate in the past several years.” He is excited to see what the future of GPS and satellite technology has in store for us.

Pod has secured retail marketing agreements with the major pet stores in Australia and the United States, with the UK and Europe expected to follow. In the U.S., one can purchase Pod at pet supplies stores such as PetSmart.

Any pet owners who has a pet that likes to run away easily should consider investing in this innovative product!

Stay tuned for later this year for some exciting news within the Pod community!

Written by Hana Goldstein (6/23/16)

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