23 Jul

PodPonics: The future of farming


PodPonics is a company that dedicated to growing the freshest, best-tasting produce available anywhere. They use a more sustainable, responsible way: hydroponics. Their system creates jobs, lowers cost, and improves quality.

PodPonics creates pesticide-free produce for hundreds of stores and farmers markets throughout the southeast. Hydroponics eliminates the need for tilling soil (and the resulting erosion) and spraying pesticides onto fields. Their process is very space efficient and does not get shipped far.

PodPonics is innovative and is expanding into other countries. One of their products is Lettuce Buy Local. This is their consumer brand of salad mixes. It is available at Whole foods, The Fresh Market, Kroger, Earth Fare, and select farmer’s markets throughout the southeast.

Hydroponic systems are a new method of farming that will help out future. This technology saves space, water, soil, reduces pesticides in the ground, creates jobs, and more. By purchasing from hydroponic systems we are helping develop the technology.

Written by Elise Mazur, 7/23/2015

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