24 Jul

PRB Environmental Group, Inc.: Soil and groundwater decontamination

PRB Environmental Group, Inc

PRB Environmental Group, Inc. is a company dedicated to treating contaminated ground water. They are a professional group that does analysis and problem solving to help make sure that the soil and groundwater that humans are drinking from is clean. Pollution can create a big problem if it is found in the soil that people get their drinking water in.

Providing services for the southeast and southwest, the company utilizes a Permeable Reactive Barrier (PRB) that is installed by injection to facilitate subsurface interception, retention, and treatment of groundwater contaminants released by industrial and agricultural sources. It decontaminates the water flowing past the soil without created any more contamination. This method can treat both organic compounds and metal ions, singly or in combination. It can also treat viral/bacterial pathogens.

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“Our Ultimate Goal is to build a long-lasting relationship by ensuring customer satisfaction, applying leading edge technology, sound engineering practices, and cost savings to our clients.” PRB Environmental Group, Inc. is a company that wants to provide access to clean water for everyone. They use processes with maximum results with minimal impact.

Written by Elise Mazur, 7/24/2015

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