18 Jun

Puget Sound GIS: Innovative Geospatial Consulting and Mapping Analysis in Seattle

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 11.59.29 AM Puget Sound Geographical Information Systems (PSGIS) is a Seattle-based geospatial consulting service that uses Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to provide innovative solutions to spatial and geographic challenges. They work with governmental agencies, businesses, and NGOs in a variety of fields to implement spatial technologies that will transform organizational work and help clients understand how geographic information analysis contribute to success. PSGIS’s work includes database creation, data modeling, inventory mapping, spatial analysis, application framework and interface development. Several of their projects focus on environmental management and national park mapping to improve accessibility and oversight of natural environments.

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Some of their recent projects include mapping the Ravena Park and Cowen Park trails by location, difficulty, and accessibility, mapping the environmental conditions and critical areas of Madrona Park, and mapping a greenbelt of trails, all around the Seattle area. These innovations in geographic analysis are crucial for a variety of Seattle’s inhabitants and sectors.

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Written by: Christopher Ewell, AGS Intern on June 18, 2015

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