20 Jul

Roadtrippers: Explore Amazing New Places on the Road

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 10.58.27 AMRoadtrippers is a web and mobile travel-planning platform focused on helping users visualize their road trip on a map and plan accordingly. Over 5.5 million trips have been booked on Roadtrippers to-date. They have unique content that covers “off the beaten path” places to visit, allowing users to discover natural and unexpected beauty on their exploratory trips, and their unique database contains millions of the world’s most interesting locations. Roadtrippers helps people discover the world around them in an entirely new way by streamlining discovery, planning, booking and navigation into an engaging and intuitive process. The web and mobile applications are also free to use, putting the ability to get out and explore at anyone’s fingertips and making geographic learning easy and fun.
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Roadtrippers helps users both plan a route from A to B and discover new and exciting things to see and love in between. Their route planner includes instant fuel cost estimation and a function to explore places within a set distance from your route, so spontaneity can also inspire people’s curiosity. Users can search and sort for places to stay nearby along their route; check out reviews and photos; and book the best option. They can find and save places they want to visit using general categories, sub-categories, and unique search. Saved places sync with the mobile phone app for seamless navigation with any maps app. Geographic exploration is alive and well in the modern age and apps like Roadtrippers make it easy to go and see the amazing locations all around the United States.Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 10.58.58 AM

By: Christopher Ewell, AGS on July 20, 2015

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