11 Apr

Rozalia Project for a Clean Ocean – To Clean and Protect the Oceans


Rachael Zoe Miller, founder of The Rozalia Project for a Clean Ocean, is determined to clean-up and protect the world’s oceans.

The non-profit operates from ‘American Promise’ the 60ft sailing vessel with a famous history.  The sailboat is known for its non-stop, round-the-world journey with solo sailor Dodge Morgan in 1986.  Since then, the boat has been used as a training vessel for the United States Navy and now, finally, to research, clean-up, and educate the public about harmful plastic pollution in our oceans.

Rozalia Project conducts both on-shore clean-ups, in which volunteers scour beaches and coastlines collecting and recording the man-made debris they find, and underwater clean-ups with the help of Hector, their beloved Remotely Operated Vehicle.

Each summer, Rachael invites interns and volunteers aboard for expeditions.  The crews conduct marine debris research, marine debris collection, and participate in ocean-education themed events all season long.

Rozalia Project is dedicated in their work for a clean, protected, and thriving ocean.  Learn more on their website!

Emma Hayward (04.11.2016)

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