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Smarter Grid Solutions: Changing the ways electric grids are managed

Smarter Grid Solutions

Electricity grids around the world encounter many challenges. Between discovering ways to reduce outages, maintaining reliability and efficiency and providing customer satisfaction, electricity grids are constantly changing. The management practices of these grids are changing, where there is less reliance on traditional operations with slower sample rates and small amounts of data. The era of the Smart Grid is emerging where grid edge devices are being incorporated to change the flow of electricity on the grid. Smart Grid devices include solar panels, wind turbines, storage devices, electric vehicles and many more.

Smarter Grid Solutions is a company that spent years researching, developing deploying and proving their approach of managing the Smart Grid with their Active Network Management (ANM) products. By use of their ANM products, which monitor distributed energy resource management systems (DERMS) for electric distribution operators (utilities), Smarter Grid Solutions is able to capture real-time functionality to manage and control the operation of distributed energy resources and other grid edge devices. Their ANM system is the only DERMS solution to feature rapid response, ensuring time bounding, adequate fail safes and predictable operation.

Active Network Management- US Market from Smarter Grid Solutions on Vimeo.

They have developed their solutions in cities, in rural areas, and on islands. Smarter Grid Solutions has also worked with customers in the UK, mainland Europe and North America.

Written by: Josue Paul (02/01/2016)

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