9 Mar

Snaptrends: Using location-based social media intelligence to understand global and geosocial conversation


Snaptrends is a pioneer in location-based social media discovery, curating more social media posts than other solutions and providing patented technology to monitor, measure and make sense of the ever-changing social media frontier. It was founded in 2010 to help organizations in all industries leverage social media conversation and posts when and where they happen. The company’s location-based social media insights system makes it possible to monitor, analyze and visualize this public data quickly and easily so users can make informed decisions, take more effective, proactive actions, and implement effective strategies.


Snaptrends believes that social media content is perhaps the most dynamic, accurate representation of what’s really happening at ground level; therefore, the company puts all of the pieces together in the context of location so that its users can get the whole picture. Their patented technology processes billions of geo-tagged social media posts every month and translates more than 80 languages! This technology helps organizations make more effective decisions with proactive intelligence gathering, real-time conversation tracking and world-wide or geo-specific searches through location-based social media intelligence. Snaptrends technology empowers its customers to extract meaningful social media insights by location to understand both the global and geosocial conversation relevant to their brands and organizations.

For more information about Snaptrends, visit their website at http://snaptrends.com/

Written by Kathleen Emerson (3/9/2016)

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