20 Jul

Spatial Wave: Cutting edge GIS programs

Spatial Wave

Spatial Wave is a company that creates mapping products to help manage workflows. Spatial wave has product to help in the fields of water, waste-water management, facilities management, parks, roads, plants.  Their products are innovative, fast, and all-inclusive.  Using GIS allows access to critical data, and adds a spatial element that cannot be analyzed without a geographical view.

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Spatial Wave has created Mapplet, a GIS program to allow users to access location aware maps, multi-form tabular data, drawings, and other documents. They have also created Field Mapplet which allows mobile editing for all types of field work. It automates any workflow that spans both the office and field. There are add-ons available for Field Mapplet to customize it to fit your needs perfectly. MapLibrary is a web-based application to allow the sharing of thematic maps, as-built drawings, and other types of electronic documents. MapLibrary makes data access easy and available to an audience throughout the company.  Mapplet Analytic Tileboard is a viewing environment that simplifies where critical data is kept and making it available in an at-a-glance format.

Within the GIS programs from Spatial Wave, users can use base maps from Microsoft Bing, ESRI, and OpenStreetMap (OSM). Mapplet can be used from web access or on the desktop. Using GIS can improve efficiency and provide projects with a new perspective.

Written by Elise Mazur, 7/20/2015

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