15 Jul

Stantec: Design with community in mind

Stantec is a consulting firm that “sees[s] potential ways to overcome design challenges with creative problem solving. We see a chance to better our community.” They collaborate across disciplines and industries to create the best solution to urban challenges. They bring architectural, engineering, and environmental services to the table to optimize their solution.

One of Stantec’s projects was an intersection in Baton Rouge, Louisiana that was notorious for major crashes. They traveled to another country to find the right solution. The solution that they provided has reduced the accidents by 50%, cut waiting time in line to 30 seconds, and created the first two-legged continuous flow intersection in the US. Another project that Stantec worked on was adapting the subway system for a major infrastructure improvement of the Barclay Center in Brooklyn. They created space for nine subway lines to go through the station, which can accommodate for 9,000 additional subway riders on game days. They managed to adjust the subway and the Long Island Rail Road all while allowing these trains to run during construction.


Stantec’s urban plans are incredible design feats. This company designs in tens of different sectors, and in many different continents. Their workers are members of the communities that they serve in and that is why they always design

Written by Elise Mazur, 7/15/2015

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