2 Nov

Stratis Imaging: Making UAV More Efficient


Aerial Photography is a very important component in a number of geographical researches. Thanks to modern technology, this geographic tool has recently become more affordable and accessible. One of the latest examples of aerial data analysis companies is Stratis Imaging, which provides software solutions to the growing Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) industry, enabling businesses to get to the right data faster.

Stratis Imaging’s mission is to develop software solutions for the constantly expanding data that is being produced by drones. This vast amount of image data produced has already become a challenge for several industries, who are now discovering how time consuming it can be to manage, review and process this drone-sourced imagery.

Stratis Imaging develops solutions to these and other problems using our experience with cloud-based computing, image processing and computer vision.

Written by Timur Pozhidaev, 11/02/2015


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