22 May

Sustainable Food Trade Association: Organic leaders for sustainability


The Sustainable Food Trade Association (SFTA) is a peer-to-peer network and learning community for the organic food industry. Their mission is “to build the capacity of the organic food trade to transition to sustainable business models” (Sustainablefoodtrade.org).  Organic farming is based on practices that not only protect environmental and animal health, but also strive to improve it.  Organic food is a growing market sector because people are realizing the health benefits and environmental importance of organic food.

SFTA members, from farm to retail, have recognized that true success is achieved through a business model that focuses on the triple bottom line: one that puts emphasis on the returns given to the planet and the people a company touches, rather than only its profit. SFTA supports their members to accomplish this goal through webinars, workshops, resource guides, mentors, best practices, and advice. SFTA provides members with guidance, education and training on integrating sustainability knowledge and practices into their operations to develop into environmentally sound and socially just businesses.

The SFTA has a Declaration of Sustainability to ensure a standard understanding of the expectations, and a definition of Sustainability. Members submit annual reports to measure progress in animal care practices, climate change mitigation, community engagement, distribution/sourcing, expanding organic production, packaging, labor, and reducing energy, waste and water use. These are important issues because they enable businesses to have positive environmental and social impact. Reports are peer reviewed to encourage continuous improvement.

This association is helping to make the food community a healthier environment.  The future depends on sustainability. To learn more visit their website here: http://www.sustainablefoodtrade.org/

Written by Elise Mazur, 5/22/2015

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