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TripZero: Travel with zero carbon footprint

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Book a hotel through TripZero and not only will you get low prices, but your carbon emissions will have a net zero. This company calculates carbon emissions for travel and lodging. Then they will contribute to reforestation, renewable energy projects, and methane reduction. Founder Eric Zimmerman explains that their mission is to “enable everyone to travel responsibly”

TripZero works with PatagoniaSur on planting native tree species in patterns that replicates the growth of a natural forest. Wildlife Works is a project in Kenya that plants local nuts and fruit bearing trees that create jobs and provide food. Native Energy works with the Indiana School Wind Project who installs wind and solar farms on school campuses in Indiana, and the Northeast Farm Separation Project which installs manure processing equipment on farms. TripZero also donates to Pátu Wind Farm in Wasco, Oregon.

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Making up for emitted greenhouse gases is a large part of the issue. TripZero is getting at both sides of the process: reducing production of greenhouse gases, and mitigating the current greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Funding wind farms and methane reduction systems helps reduce, and reforesting helps mitigate. TripZero has become a Certified B Corporation

Eric Zimmerman started this company when he found out that “Air travel alone produces nearly 4% of the pollution that causes climate change.  If air travel were a nation, it would be the seventh largest polluter in the world—right in between Japan and Germany on the list.” Zimmerman was doing a lot of travel for work and realized that he was part of the problem. “The real heroes in this story are our customers and the carbon offset projects they’re supporting.” Help TripZero reach their five year goal of offsetting one billion pounds of CO2 by booking your next trip with them.

Written by Elise Mazur, June 4th, 2015

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