22 Jul

Tripalocal: Travelling with locals


Tripalocal is a company comprised of travelers. “A team of wanderlusts – our home is really in our bags.” They are making the effort to bring travelers into the real communities where they are traveling, and not just visit the tourist sites. They connect the travelers to the locals.

Tripalocal has created a website where people can meet up with locals to experience a certain part of the city. “There is no better way to travel than to step into the shoes of a local and appreciate it from their perspective.” By using Tripalocal you can connect with a person to be a personal tour guide to show you whatever part of the city you are in that you are interested in. Locals make up the city, and so you can discover any part of their culture. Currently in five cities in Australia, locals will guide you around different parts of the city such as street food experiences, historical architecture walks, art in the rainforest (Sydney), and beach or cave tours.

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The lists of what you can be guided around are endless. Many travelers find that it can be difficult to become immersed in another culture when you are an outsider or just do not know your way around. Tripalocal allows people to learn the cultures of different cities, a geographical journey.

Written by Elise Mazur, 7/22/2015

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