23 Jul

Tripline: Your maps are your stories


Tripline is a company that has created a platform for people to create maps of trips. CEO Byron Dumbrill started Tripline to create a home for map-based content. This one person team has the belief that “products are most successful when they fulfill needs.” Tripline started when Byron Dumbrill was planning a trip with his girlfriend. To keep track of the places they were going, where they were staying, and the activities they were doing along the way, he created a very detailed map. After his trip he posted it to social media along with his pictures from the trip and his friends said that they really understood where he went because of the map. When friends asked him what hotel he stayed in, or where he went, he sent them the map as with the simple answer.  Byron Dumbrill realized that this was a tool that can be used by many people and by creating a website where people could do that, anybody could then map any trip.

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On Tripline users can create maps of trips they have gone on, trips they are on, trips they will be going on in the future, or another trip they know about. Maps are categorized into groups so the community can find maps that are interesting to them. There are topics such as history with maps such as the Amelia Earhart’s circumnavigation of the world, food with the best LA sandwich shops, and hiking with individual trails mapped out. The website also acts as a forum, when you sign up you enter your general location and then you can see other posts that people have made in that area. For example some people ask where good hiking trails are in the area, what sports are in a specific country, the best places to eat, and many more.

Tripline is a great website and app to track and plan your travels, connect with others, and learn about the world. When traveling, geography is everything. By seeing your travels on a map it can help you, and others, understand where you are going, what you might need to prepare for, or help reminisce on your trips.

Written by Elise Mazur, 7/23/2015

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