2 Jul

TripLingo: The ultimate travel tool


Have you ever been in another been in another country and been stuck without knowing simple phrases in their language? TripLingo is there to save your day. TripLingo is a mobile application that has common phrases such as “where is the bathroom?” in thirteen languages.  Each language has over 2,000 phrases with four levels of formality.  The app has the translation written out with how to pronounce it. You can take quizzes to help your memorization of the language. One of the most helpful tools on this application is the audio translation. By speaking into the phone with what you want to say, TripLingo will translate that into the desired language.


Not only does TripLingo have phrases, but it also has information about the culture, etiquette, and local customs to help fit in. There is a tip calculator on the phone with monetary conversions as well.

TripLingo is the ultimate travel aid for when you are across borders, or in areas that speak different languages. This free app is definitely one to try out this summer!

Written by Elise Mazur, AGS Intern, 7/2/2015

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