21 Dec

Ursa Space Systems

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Ursa Space Systems processes satellite data to provide location-based information services and data visualization applications to its clients and stakeholders. In 2014, Adam Maher founded Ursa Space Systems with the vision of overcoming the unreliability of optical satellites by creating a constellation of small radar satellites. Adam started Ursa Space Systems in Silicon Valley but has since relocated it to Ithaca, NY to build his founding team. Ursa is focused on delivering a platform to provide users a way to easily access the power and richness of alternative satellite imagery. The company’s suite of products relies on their unique space-based radar image processing techniques and relationships with suppliers. Ursa delivers data which enables applications for precise pattern recognition, forecasting, market prediction, and emergency management.


“Our ability to see in great detail on a consistent and reliable basis as a commercial company has been the key to unlocking numerous previously inaccessible markets.” –Alec Mitchell, Lead Market Analyst

Ursa aims to continually provide valuable data solutions to their customers and strives to advance the way in which space systems enable businesses and organizations to achieve success. Ursa Space Systems offers clients user-friendly data and answers to complex problems through the use of alternative satellite imagery. The company focuses in creating very accurate and highly reliable data sets through the use of SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) satellites which are not obstructed by clouds or night time. Ursa is able to provide datasets based on alternative imagery for any location around the world up to every 12 hours.  Ursa serves a broad range of customers of whom include farmers, meteorologists, defense intelligence communities, etc. Currently, the company provides data products which include accurately and consistently monitoring changes in China’s Oil Storage Tanks and finding items using an Under Foliage Detection technique.

Ursa’s mission is to empower users to make better decisions with better data. The company is continuing to expand the development of several products based on their  proprietary Under Foliage Detection technique. In addition, Ursa is registering more new locations to their weekly Oil Storage Tank measurement product and is aggressively working towards delivering a worldwide product. The company is currently hiring for several different positions, and working with customers across multiple industries to upholds it mission.

For more information about Ursa:

email: info@ursaspace.com | phone : 607.216.6234.


Written by Lerone Savage

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