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Vizzuality: Beautiful Data Design, for a Better World


Vizzuality is a science and technology company based in Madrid, Spain and Cambridge, England. Their work focuses on data visualization, web-GIS and tool development and are committed to working on projects related to conservation, the environment and sustainable development. Vizzuality’s team consists of engineers, designers, strategists, and scientists all with the same goal in mind: to create the best data possible.

Vizzuality is “trusted by the world’s most important organizations to create unique tools and applications with a lasting benefit to society and the environment.” Some of these major organizations include Google, NASA, the World Resources Institute, the World Bank Group and lots more. Vizzuality makes data useful by creating websites and applications that permits people to find huge datasets without being incredibly confused or overwhelmed. They use Geographic Information System (GIS) to create the informative, beautifully designed maps that can be seen within each individual project. These maps help to show location, pinpoint data/show a pattern within the data, and help create a story that the reader can more easily understand. Vizzuality’s work locates information and uses design “to create frictionless experiences, so people can find insight in unfamiliar datasets quickly and easily.”


Sergio Estella, Founder & CDO of Vizzuality.


David González, Founder & CTO of Vizzuality.








Sergio Estella and David González, are the Founders and Chief Design Officer and Chief Technology Officer, respectively. Previous to the creation of Vizzuality, these two men were already working at the same place together when they started to realize they wanted “to make our world a better place [that] needed a louder voice to get stories across.” Wanting to be the people that could help create just that, Sergio and David created what would become the Vizzuality that exists today. In 2014, they joined forces with Craig Mills, the current Chief Executive Officer, to “combine design, technology, and a passion for social good into a social enterprise that helps other people tell their stories.”

The team at Vizzuality thought their company would become a successful idea because of the necessary demand to fill the gap between science, technology and design that could be used to help different organizations understand their data better. According to their Lead Writer, Camellia Williams, Vizzuality “finds that our world is facing increasingly urgent environmental and social problems [making] the need for effective and impactful storytelling ever more important.”

One of their newest projects involves teaming up with the World Resources Institute to build Resource Watch. Resource Watch is an open platform for anyone “to explore accurate, up-to-date insights about our planet. Anyone can create visualizations or apps using data from satellites, sensors and social media, to tell stories about the state of our planet.” Vizzuality’s goal for Resource Watch was “to build a multi-purpose platform to help discover insights and share that information in a captivating way, to catalyze sustainable behavior,” says Camellia Williams.

Their team is constantly working with organizations with different missions in mind, creating extremely unique tools and applications. They have a unique technique about designing and developing rich internet applications with diverse information.  

So if you want “Better data design, for a better world,” check out Vizzuality!

Written by Hana Goldstein (6/30/16) 

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