24 Jun

WasteZero: Save money, reduce waste


Waste is one of our societies biggest problems. We live in a consumerist society and when something breaks, which it will because of planned obsolescence, we buy a new one instead of fixing it. When the put trash on the curb we pay, in taxes or a monthly fee, to have it taken away. No matter how much trash you throw away, you are paying the same price. WasteZero fixes this by creating a Pay-as-you-throw-away program. With this program you only pay for how much you are disposing of, and you are not stuck paying for your neighbors trash.Conversion Chart

This program encourages people to throw away less and put separate out your trash from recycling more. Part of the program is buying their trash bags, which cost slightly more; this encourages using less of them.

WasteZero trash metering programs partner with municipalities to have the town on the trash programs where they deliver the trash bags to the stores in the municipalities, they meter the amount of trash that is collected, and they collect recycling for free.

People save money, and we prevent more trash from going to landfills. There are increasingly limited amount of space in landfills, and less places to have landfills. Along with throwing away so much, we are consuming more. When we cut down on trash, we will cut down on what we are consuming. The more things that we go through requires more materials and energy to make, as well as landfill space when we throw it away.

WasteZero creates savings for residents, community benefits, and improves the participants’ environmental impact.

Written by Elise Mazur, AGS Intern, 6/24/2015

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