1 Feb

Zady: Home-Goods and Clothing for Conscious Consumers

zady flowersIn a world where resources are growing ever more valuable, Zady plans to turn the fashion world upside-down.  Unlike other fashion platforms Zady is focused exclusively on two things: quality and sustainability.

Zady’s mission statement points to the problems within the current fashion industry. New products continue to be of poorer quality, the environmental costs of the industry are high, and most consumers are not aware of the environmental damage that their clothing is causing.

Zady works with designers from all over the world to bring consumers stylish, sustainable, and high-quality clothing and home-goods products. In addition to this, Zady plans to work with other fashion companies to set a new industry standard for sustainability. The company hopes to increase consumer awareness and create a more eco-friendly fashion industry.

“This isn’t a trend. This is the new standard,” reads the company’s home page. Learn more on their website: https://zady.com/

Written by: Emma Hayward (02/01/2016)

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