20 Aug

Brenda Sandy I Am Geo

I am Geography

What really sparked my interest in geography as a young teen was the movie about China at the Disney’s Epcot. It showed all of the wonders of China including the Forbidden City and the Great Wall. From this interest, I earned an International Studies degree at University of South Florida and had my first teaching job as a seventh grade world geography teacher. It was fun challenging kids with mental maps and kinetically showing them the directions on a compass rose.

I started teaching AP human geography back in 2007 and knew I found the perfect fit as a professional. It combined my fascination with cultural landscapes and the many theories I was schooled in years before at the university. Oh, by the way, I love to travel too. I’ve been to the Uffizi in Florence, Chitzen Itza, and Lake Titicaca in Bolivia. And where is my dream trip? It is China-the place that inspired me at the start on my journey of geography.

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