18 May

May’s Mapping Contest Winner

“This Denali panorama was inspired by Austrian landscape panoramist and cartographer Heinrich Berann. The 2016 renaming of North America’s highest peak to its Alaska Native name, meaning “the great one,” motivated this map. The grandness of Denali and rugged expansiveness of the Alaska Range are captured by exploring the advantages and limitations of perspective, orientation, and vertical exaggeration in three-dimensional terrain. Unlike Berann, who often blended artistic ingenuity and natural realism when painting panoramas by hand, this map depicts a more realistic landscape with natural-color satellite imagery draped over the terrain. This innovative approach portrays the large scale of the formidable and dramatic wilderness from the perspective of a soaring bald eagle. The map can be found in the Atlas of Design Vol. III in Oct. 2016.” -Brooke Marston, Cartographer at the U.S. Department of State

Denali and the Alaska Range was created by Brooke Marston, Cartographer at the U.S. Department of State.*


*This map was submitted to the American Geographical Society for its Mapping Contest. To have your map considered, send your map along with a short write-up to maps@americangeo.org