9 Mar

Map of the Week: Do You Think You Know Your Pies?

How many digits of pi can you name? Alternatively, how many types of pie can you name? This week’s map will help you with the latter, but this link could help out with the former. Both will go a long way in preparation for Pi Day, March 14 (3/14).

In this week’s pie-inspired map, we take a look at the 50 States of Pie – per the Food Network. From American mainstays like Boston Cream Pie in Massachusetts to lesser known regional favorites like Pirok in Alaska, this map details some of the unique and popular pies in each state.

Hover over to see a quick view of the state and pie, or click on a state to also bring up an image of the pie. Colors are purely aesthetic, to denote state boundaries. When you’re done, why not order some pie and memorize 50 digits of pi?

Map by James Eager for American Geographical Society

Photographs and Descriptions by the Food Network