21 Sep

Map of the Week: Current United Nations Peacekeeping Operations

September 21st marks World Peace Day. This map shows the 16 active peacekeeping operations of the United Nations. UN Peacekeepers help countries transition from geopolitical strife to peace by offering the countries security and conflict resolution support . To date, the UN has conducted 68 peacekeeping operations.


Location UN Peace Keeping Operation Start Year
Abyei UNISFA  2011
Central African Republic MINUSCA 2014
Cote D’Lvoire UNOCI   2004
Cyprus UNFICYP 1964
Darfur UNAMID 2007
Democratic Republic of the Congo MONUSCO 2010
Haiti MINUSTAH 2004
Kosovo UNMIK 1999
Liberia UNMIL 2003
Mali MINUSMA 2013
Middle East UNTSO 1948
Pakistan and India UNMOGIP 1949
Lebanon UNIFIL 1978
South Sudan UNMISS 2011
Syria UNDOF 1974
Western Sahara MINURSO 1991