23 Dec

Map of the Week: Cyclist Creates Reindeer Map

By: Nathaly Garzon

With the holiday season among us, our minds are filled with thoughts of family, gift-giving, and other fun festivities. Cyclist Anthony Hoyte had reindeers in mind when he set out to map a drawing of the animal by cycling

Using the Strava mapping app to record his activity, Hoyte’s cycled for 9 hours throughout London to complete his drawing of a reindeer. In order to determine the best paths for his drawing, he studied existing routes using Google and other map sources. Hoyte started his route in Hammersmith, London before steadily making his way north to Shepherd’s Bush and Edgware. Soon after reaching Edgware, Hoyte headed south again and turned east to Hampstead Heath. 

Hoyte’s journey came to an end 79 miles, along Euston Road in central London. 

This isn’t the first time Hoyte has created a holiday map drawing by cycling. Just last year he created an outline of Santa Claus on the map with his bike. In 2017, he drew a snowman. During other times of the year, Hoyte has created other images on his bike, including drawing an intricate face in 2017.

Hoyte said there is an expectation to make his mapping a Christmas tradition. When asked about his methods, he replied, “I just spend a lot of time looking at maps, and…. waiting for things to jump out at you.”

Other Britons have used the Strava mapping app to stir up holiday cheer, including Owen Delaney of Teddington, who ran through his local park to create images of ornaments, snowmen, reindeer and Saint Nick in 2016.

Mapping is a fun activity at anytime of year–especially when it helps work off the Christmas cookies!