14 Oct

Map of the Week: Doctors Without Borders: a Guide

Number of Staff - DWB/MSF


Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières is a humanitarian-aid organization that was founded in France in 1971. They provide medical assistance to people around the world who are subject to conflict, epidemic diseases, natural disasters, and more. Last week they made front page headlines when one of their hospitals in Afghanistan was bombed. We put this brief guide together to help our readers understand where in the world DWB/MSF is currently providing aid.

The above map is organized by each DWB/MSF’s primary reason for being in each country. In reality, most crisis areas are receiving multiple types of aid. For example, just because a country’s primary cause is listed as conflict, does not mean that they are not dealing with an endemic disease and/or a natural disaster. The “other” category, shown above in purple, may include access to healthcare, social or sexual violence, malnutrition, maternal health, etc. Click on each country on the map above to see the country’s name and the number of DWB/MSF staff deployed there. Or, check out the chart to the right to see where most of their aid goes.

The data cited here comes from the DWB/MSF 2014 International Activity Report. If you would like more information on a particular region shown here, you can access the report at http://activityreport.msf.org

– Jesse Miller