8 Mar

Map of the Week: AGS Women Fliers and Explorers for International Women’s Day!

explorers map

Today, March 8th, is International Women’s Day. In honor of this holiday, AGS has created a map displaying the birthplaces of all of the women who have signed our Fliers and Explorers Globe. AGS acquired its Fliers and Explorers Globe in 1929 as a gift from AGS President John H. Finley, who invited early heroes of exploration and aviation to draw their routes and sign their names on his 18-inch globe. Signers of the Fliers and Explorers Globe are men and women who have explored certain places on earth for the first time in recorded history, reached new extremes of height or depth, pioneered new means of travel, or set aviation records.

The purpose of International Women’s Day is to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievement of women. Therefore, AGS would like to recognize, honor, and share the achievements of the women fliers and explorers who have signed our globe. So what was it that these inspiring women achieved?

flier accomplishments

These women are at the foundation of exploration and aviation accomplishments that have occurred over the years and continue to be an inspiration to both men and women geographers across the globe today. We have much to celebrate in honor of International Women’s Day and many achievements to look forward to from the world’s women geographers, and all of the women who are striving to make social, economic, cultural and political achievements in our global society. Plus, there’s still room on our globe for many more achievements and signatures to come!

Written by Kathleen Emerson (3/8/2016).