20 Apr

Map of the Week: Chatty Maps

Click on the image for the interactive map

Sound is all around us although sometimes it gets blended into the background and is categorized as noise, such as traffic.  We can easily forget to differentiate the types of sounds we’re hearing all at once and lose the sound itself.  Chattymaps allows viewers to visualize what their streets sound like through recorded audio data.  Viewers can travel to cities such as New York, Madrid, and even London and interact with different streets to see the breakdown on how much they sound like transport, nature, human activity, music or building.  This data is collected by Freesound, a large audio crowdsourcing database.  The map design was completed in CartoDB.

For a more thorough write-up about Chatty Maps check out Wired’s article.

Learn more about GoodCityLife and their other projects: http://goodcitylife.org/

Written by Katelyn Goetten