6 Apr

Map of the Week: Easter Candy

By Isobel Lu

Chocolate eggs, jelly beans, or Peeps? The options are endless. With Easter approaching this weekend, people all across the United States are gearing up to fill their Easter baskets with a variety of candies.  

The map above, created by Taste of Home, gathered data from Instacart to rank the candies that had the highest sales around the Easter holiday in every state. As a whole, the classic Cadbury Creme Eggs topped the list for the most popular candy across the country, with Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs following closely behind. Although the majority of the top 10 candy preferences consist of chocolate candies, Starburst Jelly Beans topped the list in five states for the non-chocolate lovers.

Giving baskets full of candy and other goodies are just one of many loved Easter traditions, along with dyeing and decorating eggs, and hosting Easter egg scavenger hunts. However you choose to spend Easter, one thing’s for sure: the holiday is never complete without stocking up on some sweet treats!