13 May

Map of the Week: Highest Earning Podcasts by Country

By Nicole Oveisi 

Top Dollar recently put out a study tracking the most popular podcasts around the world (with available data) through a series of infographic maps. As podcasts gain unprecedented popularity among the broader media landscape, these maps give valuable insights into what people are listening to, where, and how podcasts are transforming commercial entertainment.

The study first provides a map of the highest-earning podcasts by country, and then breaks it down further by popular genres. The genres used for the study include business, comedy, sports, technology, and true crime.

Key findings suggest the highest earning podcast in the world is The Joe Rogan Experience, hitting about $72 million in potential earnings over the last 12 months.

Interestingly enough, the technology genre is the only genre in which the highest earning podcast does not come from the U.S. Loop Matinal, the top earning technology podcast in the world, is broadcasted daily in Brazil, where the show provides a comical spin on technological news. 

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