18 May

Map of the Week: How Green Is Your City?

If you live or have visited a large city, getting lost in the abundance of concrete is inevitable sometimes and the greenery the city holds can go unnoticed.  Treepedia, a collaboration from MIT Senseable Labs and World Economic Forum, is an interactive map that compares the green density of 27 major cities around the world such as New York and Paris. The information obtained to create these interactive maps was based on analytics taken by Google Streetview Panoramas such can measure the number of trees present on each surveyed street. “Green View Index” is Treepedia’s proposed metric to calculate the number of trees on each observed street. By using Google Streetview, the project allows for greenery to be observed from a pedestrian-like canopy view of the city instead of a satellite view.

The cities participating in this project include, New York, Amsterdam, Paris, Boston, Tel Aviv, Sydney, Tampa, Miami, Geneva, Sacramento, Quito, Oslo, Montreal, London, Johannesburg, Kobe, Frankfurt, Cape Town, Durban, Cambridge, Vancouver, Turin, Seattle, Toronto, Singapore, Sao Paulo, and Los Angles.

Compare major cities to see their “Green View Index” and how it compares to its population density.