21 Dec

Map of the Week: Misery Map

Click on the image to go to the interactive map.

Will you be traveling this holiday season? Everyone understands how stressful the holiday travel can be, especially if you are flying. Millions of people will travel within the United States and across the world to be reunited with their family and loved ones. An estimated 4.1 million Americans will be traveling by airplane this holiday season and it is expected that that amount of travelers will cause significant delays. Sometimes during extreme events, like bad weather or power outages, many travelers experience flight cancellations and can be stranded in an airport. For some relief, the Misery Map has been created to represent the real-time “misery” levels at airports. The misery is determined by the number of cancellations or delays versus the “on-time” flights. More so, the interactive map displays which flight routes are most disturbed by illustrating them as red lines connecting to other national airports. The thickness of each line is determined by the severity of the misery. Additionally, the map has the option to track your flight number for updates.

The Misery Map is created by Flight Aware, a top flight tracker around the world.