29 Jun

Map of the Week: Most Popular College Majors Per State

By Katie Anderson

As students prepare for the start of their college careers, a large consideration for incoming freshmen is the decision in what to major in. Across the United States, three majors take the top spot in each state: Business, Nursing, and Psychology.

According to Bold.org, who surveyed over 1.5 million students, Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services topped their list. Outside of the top three majors that appear on the map, the other majors making the top 10 list are as follows: Computer Science, Medicine, Law, Chemistry, Biological Sciences, Education, and Political Science.

Looking at the college graduating classes from 2018-2025, only 2020 had its top major outside of the main three (Computer Science). The most popular majors across graduating classes within the same timeframe are Nursing and Business, however  projections for 2025 show a shift towards Psychology.