19 Jan

Map of the Week: National Cheese Lovers Day

For centuries, cheese has been produced and consumed by many in a variety of forms. Cheese production began as early as 7,500 years ago, when an Arabian merchant from Poland made the discovery after storing milk in his sheep’s stomach and noticing the separation of milk into curds and whey. This separation of milk is the basis of cheese production today. Cheese, as an agricultural product, began to spread throughout Europe and eventually into many other parts of the world. Currently we have over 1,400 varieties of cheese across the globe. Milk that produces cheese can be collected from camel, cow, sheep, donkey, water buffalo, yak and more. Today cheese is a rich part of many cultures across the globe, and cheese produced in specific geographic regions is shared across the world to be enjoyed by all! (Smithsonian.com)





Written by: Kathleen Emerson, Josue Paul and Emma Hayward (01/19/16)